what’s wrong with this picture?

We've been binky-free for about three weeks here in landisville. Despite my fear that the Potato would be going to college fully pacified, he's finally managed to kick the habit. Sure, it's come at the expense of the afternoon nap (at least, on days that he's home–he still seems to nap at daycare), but I think it's worth it. He's no longer demanding one before bed. He's no longer finding cat-hair covered binkies under his bed and popping them into his mouth for a fix. Best of all, I've finally managed to take a photo of the boy where he's not sporting a bobo. (Although, as landisdad points out, the day we take a picture of him where he doesn't have a crust of snot or food on his upper lip will be the real day to celebrate.)


So here's my question for you, dear readers:

Landisdad and I have spent hours fantasizing about the joys that we will experience when we no longer have a cupboard full of bottles, cuppys, breast pump bags, and all the other plastic paraphernalia associated with having young kids. Why, then, is it so hard for me to throw out this last binky?

Is it because the yellow ones were always his favorite?

Is it because I don't really want to admit to myself that I have a babyless home?

Or am I just secretly plotting to pack it in his luggage when he does go away to school?


April 2, 2006. growing up.


  1. Sandra replied:

    I saved my daughter’s last passy too! I still have it even though the nipple is pretty stiff and gross by now. I also saved the huge stack of cloth diapers.

  2. Jessica replied:

    LM, I’m sure I have my 15 year old son’s pacifier in a shoe box somewhere (we called it the “foo-foo”, shorrt for ‘fooler’). It is so hard to let go.

  3. Claire replied:

    Aw, that’s sweet! I say keep it somewhere safe – it’s a cute keepsake.


  4. elise replied:

    Oh, save it!!! My mother found mine and gave it to me not long ago – believe it or not she didn’t TRY to save it, she just never throws things out! Ha Ha! I thought it was so cool to have it. She said I was very attached to it – maybe it was that string that she used to hang it around my neck (not so worried about safety back then)!

  5. chip replied:

    because it’s a slippery slope. Once you get rid of the binky, the next thing you know he’s going to be asking for the car keys…

  6. Daydreams and Musings replied:

    I think my husband would be much happier if I kept a binky instead of the large glider rocker that I insist on keeping! I fully admit – I can’t bear to part with it because it was the place I spent such special times with my babies. It just so happens that the kids love the chair, too (at least that’s what I keep telling my husband when he asks if we can donate it to Goodwill yet).

    For awhile I was keeping all of the teeth A Girl lost! My husband found them in baggies in the back of my jewelry drawer and said “I can sort of understand the chair. But the teeth? Seriously, that’s just gross.” So I allowed him to toss all but the one I was SURE was the first one. What can I say – I’m sentimental like that!

  7. alala replied:

    Yeah, it’s part of a phase in his life that’s over and won’t be back. I just found one of the Sniglet’s pacifiers during a rearrange. I threw it away, because I already have too, too much stuff around, but I did take a moment to feel both sad and proud at how big he’s gotten and how fast it all goes.

  8. mad replied:

    I think it’s because moms are required to save EVERYTHING.

  9. Jennifer replied:

    I saved one of my son’s pacifiers, too. He was also 4 years old when he stopped using it. We had a week of absolute hell, so much whining and no sleeping! but then he was done & never looked back… It seems to me like the very last vestige of babyhood. And the very last crutch that was taken away from him, and me! (My son has also not taken a nap since the binkie went away.)

  10. Doppelganger replied:

    Awww… yay for the Potato!

    And hey, check this out: you can get that binky bronzed and keep it forever.

  11. The Scarlett replied:

    It’s the ‘he’s no longer a baby’ thing for sure. I like the idea of the bronzed binky. I bronzed Cameron’s baby shoes. He really wasn’t into his binky. Now, a blankie, that’s another matter.

  12. mom replied:

    Oh I am TOTALLY the last person to ask about this, since I’m the type who saves one of every size diaper she’s worn, the envelopes from the cards at my baby shower, and the one pilled newborn sock with a missing partner. I say, save whatever you want! No need to rationalize it or understand it, ever.

    Thanks for the nice comment over at my place.

  13. j0lt replied:

    For me I will miss footy pajamas.

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