black beauty

Yesterday, the Bee came home and told me that the children's librarian from our town library had visited her school. One of the books that she brought with her was Black Beauty. We have it at home, and she wanted to start reading it last night, so we did.

I hadn't remembered much of the story–certainly did not remember that it is written from the horse's point of view. We're only two chapters into it, and there's already been a horse and a person killed, which is a little weird to me. So I was reading the scene where the horse breaks a leg and throws its rider (who breaks his neck), and the Bee said very earnestly, "oh gosh, they're gonna have to shoot him!"

How does she know this?


April 12, 2006. books for kids. 8 comments.


I'm adding a new blog to my blogroll, and strongly urging you to check out La Queen Sucia. This is the blog of Alisa Valdes Rodriguez, a Latina chick lit author. Over the few weeks she's been fiercely debunking right-wing tropes about immigration and what it means to be Latino right and left.

Start here, go here, here, here, here, and here.

April 12, 2006. politically motivated. 4 comments.