black beauty

Yesterday, the Bee came home and told me that the children's librarian from our town library had visited her school. One of the books that she brought with her was Black Beauty. We have it at home, and she wanted to start reading it last night, so we did.

I hadn't remembered much of the story–certainly did not remember that it is written from the horse's point of view. We're only two chapters into it, and there's already been a horse and a person killed, which is a little weird to me. So I was reading the scene where the horse breaks a leg and throws its rider (who breaks his neck), and the Bee said very earnestly, "oh gosh, they're gonna have to shoot him!"

How does she know this?


April 12, 2006. books for kids.


  1. John Linna replied:

    I think it’s great you read with your child. I used to read to mine. Those were great times. AS you discovered in such reading you also learn more about your child.

  2. Jessica replied:


  3. christie replied:

    I love that book. And I don’t know about her but I knew about that sort of thing from Little House on the Prairie… lol.
    Remember when Laura’s horse, Bunny, got tangled in barbed wire so they had to shoot it?

  4. fidget replied:

    has she been watching animal planet? Maybe little house on teh praire reruns?

  5. Comfort Addict replied:

    It’s amazing how bits of cultural knowledge can reach us. Perhaps the Bee did see shooting a lame horse on television or learned it from her friends. At least she was concerned.

    I’m so glad that you and she read together. She’ll remember that fondly when she’s older, I’m sure.

  6. Jessica replied:

    LM, I meant to ask you yesterday….did you, by chance, ask her why she thought that? I would be so curious about her answer.

  7. The Scarlett replied:

    I’m always amazed at what Cameron knows. Example: one day he came home and told me, “Guy W. is my nemesis.” This was when he was six. I asked him if he knew what nemesis meant and lo and behold he did. Actually I was impressed. I certainly did not have a nemesis at six.

  8. Ashley replied:

    I’d suspect maybe Animal Planet or another book somewhere along the way. I loved Black Beauty, though it’s been a long while since I read it.

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