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For some reason, we persist in speaking English to the Potato, despite the fact that he's in that stage of toddler-dom where he acts as if he can't hear it about 98.6% of the time. In fact, today landisdad started speaking gibberish to him, just to see if he could get his attention, but that didn't work either.

It's a little frustrating, to say the least.

We've recently begun comparing living with the Potato to living with a rockstar. He's trashing his room almost every morning when he wakes up, and on weekends, again at nap time. He doesn't believe in naps anymore–just dumping all of the clean clothes into his dirty laundry, taking every book out of the bookcase, and emptying out the toyboxes (so he can sit in them and 'drive'). Today, my brother came over with my niece, the Butterfly. She's about the same age as the Potato, and yesterday, she found a tube of Desitin in her room while she was supposed to be napping, and smeared it all over the place.

It's nice to have a cousin of a similar age. Otherwise, I'd suspect that this kid would never be civilized.

The Potato is also sporting some incredible facial damage right now–first he got hit in the eye with a toy at daycare, then he tripped running on the playground and landed on his face. At this point, he's got a black eye, half the skin on his nose is missing, and his forehead has a huge goose egg. I'm surprised no one's called Child Protective Services yet. I'm carrying around the Incident Reports from his daycare in my purse, just in case.

I think all kids are accident-prone–the Bee has near-constant bruises on her shins and knees–but the Potato seems to be a special case when it comes to death-defying behavior. I can't tell if it's gender or personality. He's much more physical than either his sister or his cousin–he was climbing up on stuff when she was barely walking. And he's the kind of kid who thinks it's fun to just jump up and down in the same place, over and over again. Sadly, he's most likely to do this in the bathtub.

I'm sure that, growing up, he'll become more coordinated. My suspicion is that he'll become some kind of athlete, because he's just so interested in pure physicality. But for now, I'm keeping the band-aids close, and 911 on speed dial.

And we're hiding the Desitin.


April 14, 2006. growing up. 8 comments.