We're all feeling wistful in landisville today, because the Bee has gone to day camp by herself for the first time.

It's spring break here (yes, I know everyone else had it last week), and since we're shopping around for summer camps for the Bee, we decided that she should go to one of them for a few days during spring break so we can see how she likes it. Today was her first day.

She was nervous, of course, which resulted in a huge meltdown at bedtime last night. But LD and I had some discussions with her about how she'd make new friends and how brave she is, and then she wrote about it in her journal this morning after breakfast. She seemed perfectly happy by the time I left to take the Potato to daycare.

Landisdad called me after he dropped her off to tell me how it went, and I just called him again to talk about some other scheduling stuff, and we both sort of wondered aloud about what (and how) she was doing. It's times like these that I'm happy that I have such a wonderful partner to raise my kids with, because who else wants to spend ten minutes in the middle of their day thinking about the brave behavior of my first grader? (Except you, of course, dear reader.)


April 17, 2006. growing up. 4 comments.