as long as she gets to wear the veil, it’ll be alright

At dinner tonight, the Bee asked me, "when two men get married, why do they say, 'you can kiss the bride'?"

It led us into a discussion of gay marriage, and I always like to have those kinds of values discussions with her. The best thing about it was that she started talking about the two kids that she knows from school with gay parents, and how crazy she thought it was that their parents couldn't get legally married. It made me think of a post of Trey's that I read earlier today, about his family's trip to the White House Easter Egg Roll. And it made me want to call up the parents of those kids, and thank them for being out at the school because I know that my daughter will not be homophobic, in part because she's had these two boys as friends, has seen their fathers and mothers as parents just like any other parents.


April 18, 2006. growing up. 15 comments.