Ich bin ein Rabenmutter!

There's a whole bunch of stuff in the Times today that I wanted to blog about–this article, about the divide in public policy between so-called Blue states versus Red states. A few months ago, I blogged about the changes in laws that are prompting gay and lesbian families to move out of states that are taking away their parental and civil rights. This article, with its conclusion that the state/federal policy divergences usually get realigned cyclically, made me wonder how long we'll have to be fighting off right-wing social policy at the state level before that happens.

There was also this interesting article on immigrant workers' centers. I'm glad to see that these centers are on an upsurge again, especially since the Bush administration's response to the pro-immigrant rallies of recent months has been to start raiding workplaces.

And last but not least, this. Let the German mommy wars begin. And the photo? A little too Kinder, Kuche, Kirche for me.


April 23, 2006. random other things. 5 comments.