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uslaw rally

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Yesterday, we went to the United for Peace & Justice/US LAW march and rally in New York. I know, you probably didn't read about it in the paper this morning (or this afternoon, for those of you lucky enough to still have kids who nap), because for some reason, the New York Times didn't deem it newsworthy, nor did my local paper. But there were 300,000 people there.

I'm just saying.

For some reason, wordpress is not letting me post more photos. Here's a picture of how the Bee feels about President Bush.  The Potato was just happy to have a stroller, so he didn't have to walk the length of the march.

Today, the kids and I went to the zoo, and most of us thought that was more fun than the rally.


April 30, 2006. random other things.


  1. Sandra replied:

    Waddaya know, my daughter feels almost exactly the same way as the Bee when it comes to the president!

  2. kdubs replied:

    LOLOLOL Wow. That picture of your daughter is priceless. LOLOL I’m still laughing. I’d hate to be on the recieving end!

  3. christie replied:

    Zoos rule, hehe…
    It’s time, yet again, for the RFS Blog Awards so go nominate!
    ps, a surprise announcment is waiting at my blog… oooh

  4. Suzanne replied:

    I love the Potato’s t-shirt!

  5. Leggy replied:

    Yes, I’m with Suzanne- I like Potato’s shirt.

  6. Jessica replied:

    Egads those are some cute kids! There was apparently a rally here in Chicago yesterday with 400,000 people. I was in my office all day. Didn’t notice a thing. Isn’t that sad?

  7. chip replied:

    we had a rally even here in the small town I live in. CB came with me (BK was sick), and liked what she saw. She’s coming with me to an organizing meeting for local activists on next steps next week.

    Wish we could have gone to the NYC march!

  8. Bumblebee Sweet Potato » tagged for three replied:

    […] 2. have been interviewed on the radio twice 3. (we) took our kids to the anti-war march in NYC […]

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