spring has sprung

For me, the smell of lilacs has always meant the onset of spring. When I lived in the Bay Area, I missed the lilacs every spring (though the smell of jasmine is pretty good too). Today, our farmers' market reopened for the season, and I'm happy to say that lilacs were in abundance.

We bought some beautiful produce, the kids got their usual lemonade, and ate a crepe

I thought about buying some of these, contemplated these, but ended up buying these. Now I've got spring right in my kitchen.


May 6, 2006. random other things.


  1. Ms Sisyphus replied:

    I still bring my mom lilacs every spring. As a child, it was as easy as walking down the road and picking them wild. What with all the development and “progress” thats happened over the years it takes a bit more effort now. But it’s still not spring without the lilacs.

  2. jayne d'Arcy replied:

    I love lilacs! Ours haven’t come into bloom yet since it’s still cold.

  3. fidget replied:

    They have promised a farmers market when they finish our little city’s new “downtown” I hope they weren’t fibbing! The flowers are beautiful

  4. Kdubs replied:

    Oh I love it. That’s rad. They look like they smell amazing and the sun iis hitting them so nicely. Great shot.

  5. Library Lady replied:

    Lilacs to me mean Mother’s Day because they bloom in NY around then. We used to go to a farm run by someone my parents referred to as the “Pig Lady”–must ask them about that. She had tons of lilac bushes and we would cut down big bunches, bring them home, and keep them in the bathtub so they’d be fresh for our grandmas on Mother’s Day.

    Here near DC the lilacs have already bloomed and gone!

  6. Mere replied:

    Love our Farmer’s Market. And I LOVE love love the sweet smell of lilacs. Having grown up in a house whose yard had lilacs a-plenty (and I mean A-PLENTY!!), I miss that lovely smell. Sometimes when I’m on a walk down by the river, I get a whiff, but not enough to satiate my love of lilacs. *sigh*

    And they don’t grow well here in the south. Tried once and lost it.

    I am so jealous.

  7. Vicky replied:

    It must smell amazing in your kitchen right now! I love lilacs…they’re my favourites.

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