The Potato is a puzzle addict. He's not quite three, of course, so we're not talking about 1000 piece three-dimensional models of Notre Dame or anything, but he's very adept at doing puzzles, even some that I think are advanced for his age. And he has an amazing ability to finish a puzzle, and then turn right around and do it over again. Sometimes six or seven times. While you or I might consider this boring, to the Potato, it's a miraculous example of his own ability to do something all by himself, and what's more important to a toddler?

But oh, the puzzle pieces! They're everywhere. I step on them in the dark, when I go to his room to tell him to go back to sleep. We find them littered around the living room, the family room. I'd like to exile them to the basement, but we haven't finished painting it yet.  

Of course, the disarray of our puzzle storage program stems from the fact that the owner of said puzzles is not exactly a responsible adult. He doesn't always put them away when he does finally get bored. He does, however, get extremely frustrated when he can't find missing pieces. We have quite a few puzzles that may never be completed again. I'm not really sure where the pieces have all gone–I was talking to Suzanne the other day about the fact that I know that they're still somewhere in my house, but I can't imagine how we will ever find them. In the duct work, perhaps?

When the Bee was born, my MIL handed down some toys that had belonged to landisdad, back in the day. Among these toys was a puzzle from Holland that she had somehow kept intact for 30-odd years. Naturally, this is among the puzzles that may never be completed again, as the Potato seems to have lost at least two pieces. Did they get smuggled out to an underground used-puzzle-trading ring in New Amsterdam?


June 10, 2006. the cutest kids ever!. 8 comments.