We can’t even think of a word that rhymes

last day of school.jpgIt's the last week of school, and the craziness is high. Here's the Bee's schedule for the week:

Sunday–return home from sleepover. Attend party for neighbor, where mom & dad let her stay up way too late for a school night.

Monday–Field Day (translation–run around in a local park playing games & eating hot dogs)

Tuesday–1/2 day. Show and tell, then a field trip to a local ice cream store during after care.

Wednesday–1/2 day. Some boring stuff will happen, but no actual learning.

Thursday–1/2 day. Picnic in the park during school. Picnic in the park during after care. I kid you not.

Friday–1/2 day. The last assembly of the school year. Potentially, there will be an award or two. Complete melting down craziness.

I went out tonight to buy teacher gifts, and landisdad suggested that Valium might be a nice gift. As far as I'm concerned, it's the school that owes us Valium, not the other way around.

We did have a lovely time last night at a party with some of our neighbors for a family down the street that is moving in a few weeks. It was one of those perfect early summer evenings that aren't too hot, when the mosquitos aren't yet out in full force. The kids (and their were a gaggle of them–I counted 9, ranging from 11 days old to the Bee) ran around demanding ice cream (oh that wretched Mr. Softee) & keeping each other busy, and the adults drank wine and ate homemade sushi. I didn't really want to leave, and we ended up staying later than we should've. We paid for it this morning, as both of the kids were dragging (although the Potato slept later than 6:00 a.m. for once), but it was worth it anyway.


June 12, 2006. growing up.


  1. Ms Sisyphus replied:

    Um, are we living parallel lives?

    Sunday we too had a lovely summer evening barbeque for neighbours who are moving. Complete with the two sets of kids (the baby/preschooler crowd and the schoolagers) who obigingly ran around and entertained each other, allowing the grownups to actually have a grown-up evening. Magical.

    Tonight was the last night of Brownies. A lovely prelude to the last day of school (still 2 weeks away for us. Oh, the delicious anticipation of tears to come!)

    Tomorrow is the fieltrip to the local storybook themed park/splashpad. All day. A morning of sciencey fun with rockets and an afternoon of animals, ropeclimbing and watery fun. Then in the afternoon is the school’s summer fundraising picnic fair–I’m running the cotton candy booth, should be interesting.

    Thursday is a court date with the Fuctard. And Barney at the mall.

    Friday is Barney again, this time with both Ladies.

    I think I want to hide under the covers until September.

  2. kdubs replied:

    As an ex teacher I hated the last week of school. Hated it. It’s nuts. There is so much to do. So many trips. So much crazy energy. Yeah, the valium is good LOLOL! I got a bottle of wine or two from parents I was close with, that was nice :). But they knew me really well and knew my love for a good merlot. Yeah, I do not envy you. At all. Good luck!!! 🙂

  3. mrsmogul replied:

    I love making homemade sushi, even though I’ve only done it twice!

    Wed I can relate to today..LOL

  4. MetroDad replied:

    I would love to see the reaction on the teachers’ faces if you gave them valium. Meanwhile, I’m curious about this whole gift-giving thing to teachers. My folks used to do it because it’s a very Asian custom to show respect for teachers. But I don’t remember anyone else doing it. Is this the new thing now?

  5. chip replied:

    last week of school here too. The kids are excited, though BK spent hours last night finishing up projects that should have been done last week… Amazingly, he actually sat down by himself with no prodding by adults and wrote out two pages by hand of a draft. He got up this morning and typed it. He’s becoming responsible!!

    The picnics and fun we’re also having this week. As for the valium, my wife could use some, she’s a teacher and has to bring her class of 10 year olds on an all-day field trip this week…

    As for sleepovers, we are the mean parents who don’t let our kids (even at the advanced ages of 12 and 15) do sleepovers on school nights. But since school is soon over, the sleepover floodgates are about to burst. Yikes.

  6. Jessica replied:

    I concur re: the school owing you valium – there’s gotta be a payoff, right?

  7. E. replied:

    I’m a teacher and I would be fine with getting an end-of-year gift of valium. Or maybe qualudes. Of course, now that school is out, I no longer need such.

  8. CroutonBoy replied:

    I’m going to pretend that I didn’t just hear you call Mr. Softee “wretched”. Dem’s fightin’ woyds.

    Why can’t I go to the park twice a day?

  9. Jim replied:

    Camping, Day Camps, festivals, doo dah, we’re well into summer and we haven’t stopped running.

    I give teachers gifts because they’re doing the hard work I can’t do (for obvious reasons) and I see the results of that work. Not just at the end of the year but also during the holidays.

  10. Jay replied:

    Field trips involving ice cream? Where do I sign up?

  11. MommyWithAttitude replied:

    Valium sounds like a good gift… just buy it in bulk so you can keep a stash for yourself. 😉

  12. chichimama replied:

    The BBQ sounds like a blast…and I hate trying to come up with teacher gift ideas.

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