I'm up in the early am after a night of kid stomach virus. Alala tagged me earlier this week–don't you love the memes, when you haven't slept?

1. Choose a band/artist: Bruce Springsteen

2. Answer each question using the title of a song by that band/artist

3. Are you male or female: She's the One

4. Describe yourself: Born to Run

5. How do some people feel about you? Meeting Across the River

6. How do you feel about yourself? Jungleland

7. Describe your kids: Secret Garden

8. Describe your spouse: Better Days

9. Describe where you want to be: The Promised Land

10. Describe how you live: My Hometown

11. Describe how you love: Racing in the Street

12. What would you ask for if you had just one wish? Something in the Night

13. Share a few words of Wisdom: Human Touch

14. Now say goodbye: (meet me tonight in) Atlantic City


June 25, 2006. memes. 7 comments.