bizarre search terms

Every once in a while, I am amazed by the searches that bring people to this blog. Most of my hits from searches come from phrases like ‘finish my basement’ (or the ever-popular ‘bat-cave basement’–gee, I don’t remember calling it that!) or ‘hives after showering’ (there are a lot of people with itchy redness out there, if my search page is any indication). Then there are the folks who are looking for bumblebee- or sweet potato-related goodness. Can anyone tell me what a ‘bumblebee job’ might be? How about ‘bumblebee entertainment’? Bumblebee sex toy? wait, don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know.

And just how does ‘sweet potato smell’? (First thing in the morning? Not so fresh.)
I always like it when I get hits for ‘world’s cutest kids,’ of course.

But once in a while, I just get one that mystifies me. Today’s? ‘Leaked bumble bee picture’

Any guesses?


June 28, 2006. random other things.


  1. Ms Sisyphus replied:

    Did the bumblebee leak? Cuz ewwww. Or was it a top secret photo of a bumblebee that was leaked? Hmmm…so many possible conspiracy theories there.

  2. Phil replied:

    Maybe “Bumblebee” is a code word for some Top Secret Air Force project. Oh, you are so busted!

    I don’t get very many odd search terms in my stats, but every single day I get someone looking for “Hard core porn” because I used that phrase in a story about Adelphia Cable last year.

  3. chichimama replied:

    I always run a search on the bizzare, non-gross ones just to see what they were actually looking for…that one would be worth it!

  4. Kate the Shrew replied:

    OK, I cheated. I admit it.

    I got curious and Googled it myself, and I’m going to vote for it being something to do with pics of a new “concept” Camaro being leaked to the public.

    I have no idea why the “bumblebee” title goes with it, as I can hardly see muscle-car fans saying “yeah, I thought about a ‘vette, or a Viper, but I went with a Bumblebee”, and anyway, isn’t it already called a Camaro? But then what do I know about cars?

  5. JAD replied:

    what’s the big deal about a bumble bee that can’t be leaked?

  6. fidget replied:

    leaked bumblebee?

    dude i have NO clue

    looking at my search engine hits has become my “comedy central” since we exsist without cable

  7. Tawcan replied:

    Hmmm interesting search results although not as disturbing as some of the ones I’ve seen…

  8. Moobiecow replied:

    Bumblebee will be one of the characters in the new live action Transformers movie. There was a photograph of him transformed that was leaked to the public but then hidden away. That’s why people are searching for it.

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