Lobbying is very hard work.

At the end of each day, Mommy is covered from head to toe with sweat, security badges, marked calendars, remorse, cigarette ash, special orders, blisters, eye drops, and coffee stains.

Her bill didn’t pass, either.

All kidding aside, if you haven’t yet discovered the creative kids’ book team of Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin, you really must.

clickclack.jpeg We first discovered Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type when the Bee was an infant. This is the amusing tale of some cows who go on strike to win electric blankets from Farmer Brown who owns the farm they live on. Great for the two-year-old who’s learning to say no, especially those who wear red diapers.

giggle.jpeg Next came Giggle, Giggle, Quack, which I consider the weakest of the bunch. It’s about what happens when Farmer Brown goes on vacation, leaving his brother in charge of the farm. Duck, who plays the role of mediator in the first book, emerges as the central character and chief rabble-rouser of the farm.

president.jpeg Finally, there’s Duck for President, a rags-to-riches-to-rags-again story of Duck’s struggle to achieve the ultimate elected office, only to realize that the farm is really where it’s at. I don’t really know how deep an understanding of the electoral process the three-year-old set will get out of this book, but the parents will have a good time reading it over and over (and over. and over).

If you’re the parent of a pre-schooler, or you just have to buy a birthday present for one, you can’t go wrong with one of these. The parents will thank you, too. Unless they’re John Birchers or something.


July 1, 2006. books for kids.


  1. doth replied:

    I’ve never heard of this series, but I’d be interested in reading them just to see how politics are portrayed to young children. An interesting idea — do you know who the publisher is?

  2. chichimama replied:

    Ah, those are all favorites at our house too…

  3. Lady M replied:

    We got this trio from my sister-in-law last year and have a blast reading them every time. I love how Duck upgrades to a computer to write his memoirs, leaving the old typewriter behind.

  4. Suzanne replied:

    We have them all memorized! Is it just me, or is the juxtaposition of the words in the phrase “filth, mud, muck…” deliberately designed to have parents trip up and put an “f” in front of “uck”? It’s probably just me…

  5. alala replied:

    We don’t have Duck For President (yet), but we love the other two books to bits. I actually did buy Click Clack Moo for some conservative friends. I’m hoping they don’t get the message and I can subvert their children without their noticing. Heh.

  6. jackie replied:

    We don’t have “Duck for President” yet either, but the other two are definitely favorites. I’m planning for the trio to be new-baby gifts to our friends who are just starting to have babies.

  7. Ashley replied:

    My kids love Click Clack Moo, they also like Giggle Giggle Quack. We haven’t read Duck for President yet, though this time of year it might not be a bad idea.

  8. chip replied:

    now you tell me. well, maybe for the grandkids??

    And John Birchers! Yikes!! I actually had a few run-ins with those people when I was in high school.

  9. Kate the Shrew replied:

    We saw Click, Clack, Moo on Between the Lions, and I thought it looked pretty good. I didn’t realize there was a whole series. We’ll have to add it to the library list for next time!

  10. Library Lady replied:

    I think these are even better for early elementary school kids–they get the jokes more!
    My first experience of these books was hearing Scott Simon and Daniel Pinkwater (one of my fave kids book authors, BTW) read this on Weekend Edition. The book may have won the Caldecott for its pictures, but hearing it read without seeing them sold me on the book–the deadpan text is hilarious!

    I also love Cronin’s “Diary of a Worm”, which has the same deadpan humor. And again, it’s probably better for bigger kids–especially the bit where he tells his sister that no matter what she does, her head will always look just like her butt. Or something like that!

  11. Ms Sisyphus replied:

    We love Click Clack Moo. I’ll definitely be checking out Duck.

  12. Jim replied:

    I likewise love this series – as do the wee ones – and have no problem with the inevitable serial “read this one” demand. What I like about all the books is that speak about empowerment AND humility.

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