a glimpse into the future

I went to a meeting today with a bunch of high school students, and for the first time, I started to wonder what my kids will be like in high school. I found this really interesting article on high school subcultures on Wikipedia. I love my kids at the ages they’re at right now, but I’m very curious about what they’ll be like when they’re older.

Will the Bee be a Queen Bee? the Potato a punk? Will they be rockers or revolutionaries or skaters?

I just can’t wait to find out.


July 18, 2006. random other things.


  1. Sandra replied:

    I spent a couple hours online with my daughter today, looking for high schools that we’ll apply for. She’s surprising me lately with some of the grown-up conversations she’s initiating.

    She’s 13 and she appears to be consciously creating an image–putting together the wardrobe and attitudes to signal her emotional state. Right now, I’d describe her as artsy, but she’s obviously aspiring to something in the neighborhood of goth, rocker, bohemian. This will be an adventure for me since I was a debater.

  2. Ms Sisyphus replied:

    I’m pretty sure Diva Girl will be a cheerleader. One of the nicer ones who maybe dates a sensitve, comics loving geeky boy rather than a football star, but a cheerleader nonetheless. And Zen Baby will totally be a goth. For all she worships her sister now, I see a lot of disdain in their future.

  3. chichimama replied:

    How interesting. And how out of it I am. I hadn’t even heard of half of those labels. I need to start catching up I suppose.

    I have no idea what my kids will be. I can’t even imagine a day when I don’t have to choose every aspect of their lives for them…

  4. chip replied:

    it’s funny, I used to look at my kids when they were little and wonder what they’d be like as teens. I look at them now and wonder what they’ll be like as young adults.

    All I can say is that both of them have kept the same basic personality, but it’s developed and really blossomed in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to imagine.

    It is a very cool thing to watch your little one turn into a teen and then head off into becoming a young adult. Never a dull moment! My guess based on your blogging: both of your kids will be immensely cool!

  5. christie replied:

    whatever they are, I’m sure they’ll be loved and respectful and awesome 🙂

  6. Kate the Shrew replied:

    It is interesting to imagine. I have a hard time right now picturing my Queen B at 13 as anything other than “every bit as willful as she is right now, only big enough to sneak out of the house if she wants to”. *sigh*

    I had no idea there were so many subcultures. I guess since I went to such a small school, we could only cram in a few of them, and even at that, we had a lot of overlap.

  7. jackie replied:

    We didn’t have quite that many subcultures at my high school either, partially because it was pretty rural, tho is now overcome by suburbs.

    I was an AP kid, by that list, with friends who were debaters, arty, theater kids. I have no idea at this point where my girls will go to high school– my husband went to an arts high school and part of me hopes they end up there too! We joke that my girl Sophie will definitely be a theater kid, a born actress, and that Lucy will probably end up a writer or visual artist, but I am just fascinated with all the possibilities before them.

  8. Jim replied:

    I future trip about my 3 (ages 7, 5, and 3) ALL THE TIME. My oldest I imagine as a ‘nature girl’ in granny dresses, “Earth First” t-shirt, BIrkenstocks and dreadlocks. My middle one I see as a punk or a goth. Not sure about my youngest, the Little Buddha.

    Despite the future tripping, I’m content to watch them as they are and love being in the moment.

  9. Phil replied:

    I’m not sure I want to know ahead of time! But it is interesting to watch my kids’ personalities develop and grow. My son is shy and loves books. My daughter is loud and outgoing. Will this always be the case? Whatever they decide to be, I just want them to remember what’s right and what’s wrong, respect other people, and don’t be fake.

  10. elise replied:

    I wonder sometimes who my kids will marry!! I hope that they pick someone that they can be with forever….

    Although its secondary, I hope that I can really like their choice in spouses too. If not I will definitely pretend to like them as long as they are good to my kids!

  11. Jessica replied:

    Interesting….I don’t know that I have it that much thought when my boy was younger but had I, I would have found the idea to be fascinating.

    It’s true that he has gone through fads and phases but, overall, his personality and his spirit – the core of what makes him who he is, is very much the same.

  12. petite mommy replied:

    Sometimes I think about what it will be like when my boys get older but most of the time I just want them to stay small.

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