who’s the boss?

Last night, I had to work late. When I got home, landisdad told me the following story:

Landisdad and the Potato were going to daycare, when the Potato demanded that landisdad drive faster.

Landisdad: “Are you the boss, Potato?”

Potato: “No.”

Landisdad: “Am I the boss?”

Potato: “No.”

Landisdad: “Is mommy the boss?”

Potato: “No”

Landisdad: “Who’s the boss?”

Potato: “The Bee.” (tee hee hee)

She was, evidently, glad to hear it.


July 20, 2006. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. chichimama replied:

    Too funny!

  2. alala replied:

    Hee hee. We’ve had to define situational bossitude, because we apparently have two miniature attorneys on our hands. Thus I am the house-boss and the vacation-boss, but DrBob is the car-boss and the dinner-boss.

  3. chip replied:

    LOL, that is hilarious, very perceptive that potato. I can just hear my own BK saying the same thing at the same age about his big sister.

  4. Kate the Shrew replied:

    Oh, that’s really funny. Such a pair of kids you’ve got!

    Now, though, I’m a little more worried that younger siblings will equal more minions for Queen B, rather than a dissenting mob.

  5. Vicky replied:

    Of course. The big sister is always the boss. I was…my brothers still know it.

    My kids would say the same thing about their big sister too.

  6. Woman with Kids replied:

    Well, if the shoe fits…

  7. oo little tv replied:

    so true. the big sister is ALWAYS the boss.

  8. fidget replied:


    we have back seat drivers too

    Mira tells me to slow down and tries to give me directions, getting very nervous if i dont follow them

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