random blog-related things

  1. So I finally got around to importing all the posts from the original version of my blog into this one. I was surprised by how easy it is–Wordpress must have made some improvements, because when I first tried to do it, it involved all kinds of coding things I didn’t really understand, and this was a pretty painless process. The painful part is that I have to slowly reimport all the comments that were in Haloscan, because they didn’t come over when the Blogger content did.
  2. One of the things I’ve been wondering since WordPress introduced Feed Stats is what RSS readers people are using to read my blog. It seems that the majority of you are using “Other,” and I can’t figure out what that is (it’s not Bloglines, which I use, or a browser RSS reader–what else is there?).
  3. Here’s a blog etiquette question–how long does a blog have to be dormant before it’s polite to remove it from your blogroll? I’m hoping that some of these folks will come back to blogging, but it seems weird to keep linking to someone who hasn’t posted in three or four months.

July 30, 2006. meta.


  1. Fidget replied:

    maybe they are using feedburner.com? I have a few folks who subscribe through there. Enough that i put a quick click icon in my sidebar

  2. Claire replied:

    I’d tend to say if they’ve been off for three months or more, I’d consider erasing the link. But I’d probably drop them an email to find out why first!

  3. chip replied:

    I use Firefox’s “live bookmark” function, though it’s not exactly a reader, it gives me the title of posts.

    As someone whose second blog went very dormant for many months, I totally did understand when some people removed it from their blogroll after a few months. I saw it as karmic retribution for not being a better blogger…

  4. Ms Sisyphus replied:

    phew! I thought you were talking about me, but it’s onlyy been a week and I promise to be back soon–Summer “Vacation” is kicking my ass.

    I lost all my comments when I left blogger. I was gutted. Glad to hear the process was painless though–makes me think maybe I can get it done.

  5. chichimama replied:

    I use bloglines now, but used to use the firefox live bookmarks function as well.

    I just did a blogroll purge of everyone who hadn’t posted in three months or more, but left them in bloglines so if they start posting again I will know…

  6. Kate the Shrew replied:

    I agree with Claire, three months is probably a sign that they’re done, but you never know, so it can’t hurt to drop them an email.

    I use bloglines, myself.

  7. doth replied:

    There are so many readers out there — Mine is called NetNewsWire Lite — one of the only free ones around 3 or 4 years ago.

  8. Jack's Raging Mommy replied:

    Could be things like My Google or My Yahoo as well. I have several people who use them

  9. Jim replied:

    I give 6 months if it’s a good blog, 3 months if it’s a crappy blog.

    Anyway, if they’re not updating why send them traffic?

  10. Carrie replied:

    If they haven’t posted in three or four months I say it is totally polite to remove them if you want. I have noticed some people have a “Gone but not forgotten” list of blogs on their sidebar, I guess hoping that the people will start posting again.

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