Blog for Workers’ Rights

We’re all going on a mini-vacation this weekend, so I won’t be blogging for the next couple of days. Before I go, I’m issuing a Labor Day blogging challenge to all my friends (and friends-not-yet-met) in the blogosphere. I was inspired by last year’s Blog Against Racism Day.

It’s just about a month away from Labor Day weekend, when most of us will gather around our barbecues for the summer’s last hoorah.

This year, in addition to toasting a few weiners (soy, turkey, or plain ol’-fashioned beef), why not toast an old employer, too?

Tell a story on your blog about the meaning of Labor Day to you. Maybe it’s about your gratitude that your kids don’t have to go to work, but get to go to school. Maybe it’s about the fact that, at least in theory, you work a 40-hour work week. Maybe it’s about the time you tried to organize a union, or a day you spent on strike. Maybe it’s a bad boss story, or a time you got cheated out of something you worked hard for. Maybe it’s something I’m not imagining–just tell a story about work and power.

Whatever it is, post about it on Labor Day weekend, and send me the link. I’ll keep a running list of all the holiday weekend’s posts as I get them, as well as posting on this topic myself.


August 4, 2006. politically motivated. 8 comments.