who is the goddess of air travel, and why does she hate me so?

I’m going to bitch about my mom. If you’re not into it, you can skip this one.

Yeah, so our vacation was fine (four days with my mom and stepfather! thank god they have a pool!). The trip home, however, was from hell. I’d like to find the corporate bean-counter from *letter after T* *letter after R* Air who approved delaying our flight for three and a half hours, because let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like sitting in the airport with your kids for five hours, and then arriving home at midnight. Big fun, I’m telling you. Especially the part where they both start crying simultaneously, about two hours after their bedtimes.

Fortunately, the Orlando airport is basically a mall built inside an airport, so despite the financial damage, the actual airport time wasn’t that bad. Unfortunately, the flight was full of tired kids who had just come off a week at Disney. Let’s just say, mine weren’t the only ones crying.

Originally, I was planning to make this trip with just the kids and me, because landisdad was supposed to have to work. Happily, he was able to come with us, to help manage that horror. Unhappily, he was able to come because he’s been laid off.

Spending the time with my mom is good for the kids, but tension-causing for me. My mom and I have very different parenting styles, and my constant conversation with the Bee in particular drives my mom crazy. (“Why don’t you just tell her what you want her to do? Why do you have to explain it?”) At one point, I had to say to the Girl of One Million Questions, “look, Bee, politics and religion are two things that we can fight about in this family, and it’s just not a good idea for us to talk about those things with them.”

In two weeks time, we’re headed on the road again to visit my MIL. This trip is car-based only, so there’s that going for it. It might just be too many grandmas in one month, though. And no pool, this time.


August 9, 2006. thoughtful parenting.


  1. Leggy replied:

    Had noticed you’d be quiet but didn’t quite put together that you were gone. Sorry about all the troubles- the Cutie Pie was up a few weeks ago several hours past bedtime, and what a horror show. I’m pretty strict about not letting bedtime slip more than an hour or so, only because I’ve learned my lesson one to many times. So yeah, I’d be pretty pissed at the airline if they did that to me.
    Sorry to hear about Landisdad’s job issues. I hope he finds a new one soon.

  2. Mary Tsao replied:

    De-lurking to say I feel your pain. Oh, do I. Unfortunately, my two most voracious readers are my mom and my MIL so I am left to vent to the winds during drives to Starbucks when they visit.

    Hope the job situation changes soon.

  3. jackie replied:

    laid off? hoping things are well for you and yours.

    I have to say, I chickened out of the one plane trip my girls have ever took and made their Papi go by himself!

    My parents and I have a similar split in our parenting styles.

  4. christie replied:

    every time Stephen fly home from anywhere it’s always a hassle.

    Hope the job thing works out 😦

  5. Jennifer (ponderosa) replied:

    I get the eye-roll from my parents, too, over my parenting style. It sucks because I often think they’re right. I ought to be stricter. But I am who I am.

    So so sorry to hear about Landisdad.

  6. Kate the Shrew replied:

    Sorry to hear about Landisdad. We’ve been through that, too. No fun.

    I still haven’t been brave enough to put Queen B on a plane. Fortunately, all the family live within driving distance, so on the occasions she does scream for two hours, it’s just us suffering, and not 100+ other people.

    I’m also really lucky that our parenting style meshes pretty well with the grandparents’. Good luck with the in-laws visit!

  7. Anjali replied:

    Glad you’re back safely and have physically recovered (if not mentally). We have spent countless hours in airports with the kids, and swear that when we can afford a minivan with a DVD player it in, we’ll never fly again, even if we have to go across the country.

  8. fidget replied:

    you were in orlando and you didnt drop me a note? I was probably 45 minutes away from you! (sobbing)

  9. Jim replied:

    Good luck with the car trip.

    Although it’s easy to mollify the wee ones with one of those built in DVD players, I think those things distract from family unit. When I was a kid (in a military family always on the move) we played car-games together, sang songs, and when it was quiet time, watched the world roll by allowing our imaginations to fill in the blanks of the question, “I wonder what life is like out there in that strange, alien landscape?”

    Instead, kids get their Nth installment of The Incredibles so that the trip by car is little different than their spot on the floor in the living room or den.

  10. Doppelganger replied:

    Oh, man. I’m so sorry to hear about landisdad’s work trouble. I hope things work out quickly.

    As for the rest of your post, I’m suddenly filled with dread. Sam and I are flying back east to visit my sister in a couple of weeks. He’s always been a good flier in the past, but this time (a) he’s walking, and (b) we’re flying sans my husband. Yikes. If there’s a flight delay, you may read about me in the papers. I’ll be the woman who stormed the cockpit.

  11. Carrie replied:

    Glad to see you are back. Sorry to hear about Landisdad and his job, though. I hope things settle themselves quickly.

    I already know it is going to be very difficult for me to visit my mom as E gets older. She totally does not get our parenting style at all and thinks a good swat on the butt will solve all problems.

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