first day blues

Today was the Bee’s first day of second grade. She was extremely happy to see her friends, and excited at the challenge of a new year, although she’s spent the last couple of days telling us how she was worried, because she didn’t know multiplication yet, and thought she was supposed to know it in second grade. We had a few conversations about how the point of school is to learn things you don’t already know, but she seemed conflicted about it, until landisdad told her that it’s rude if you already know everything the teacher has to teach you. She seemed to accept that, although I’m not sure I get the logic myself.

I was a little weepy on the way into school. It’s been odd this year, because for the first time, I wasn’t the primary person getting the Bee ready to go to school. Since he’s been laid off, it was landisdad who took her back-to-school shopping, and listened to her change her mind 37 times about what to wear on the first day. She packed her own bag for school, and I didn’t even look into it to make sure all her supplies were in there.

I’m not upset that landisdad got to do those things–I think it’s great that he did, and that she’s growing up enough to really be doing her own thing, too. It’s just that with the passing of each year, I’m a little farther away from having babies. I love that my kids are growing up, I love that my husband is the kind of dad that does things that some guys would consider to be “mom’s job.” I just wish I could keep my kids small a little while longer.


September 6, 2006. growing up, thoughtful parenting. 16 comments.