second day mirth

I’m inspired to write this post by Jo(e)’s description of her back-to-school shopping. Yes, it really is like that. I love her creative solution to the red binder problem.

I had to work late last night, so I didn’t get to have much conversation with the Bee about her day at school–I got home just in time to put the kids to bed. Landisdad had concert tickets, so he skated out the door, and I settled myself down with the lovely pile of papers from the school, still with that first day smell. There were three notes from the Bee’s new 2nd grade teacher. The first two were about encouraging the kids to read for at least 15 minutes every night (not exactly something we struggle with here). It was the third one that made me shake my head ruefully as I read Jo(e)’s post:

Dear Second Grade Parents,

Our new math program is off and running! The second lesson requires coins to be sent in for each child. I know this is short notice! However, if possible, please send your child to school with the following in a zip lock bag:

  • 20 pennies
  • 5 nickels
  • 10 dimes
  • 4 quarters

This coin bag will go in your child’s math “tool box.”

Thank you, Mrs. Y

Points to the first person who can guess how long it told me to assemble said coins.

Extra points to the person who can predict what the Bee said about this lesson, when asked this evening.


September 7, 2006. growing up, thoughtful parenting.


  1. cloudscome replied:

    That’s brilliant – you don’t even have to go shopping, just hand them the money.

  2. Anjali replied:

    It could take me days to come up with that particular amount of change. Maybe if I start collecting and sorting now, I’ll have my act together before my oldest starts K next year?

  3. jackie replied:

    I’m with Anjali– it would take me some serious effort to accumulate that kind of change, especially in those amounts! In my waitressing days, it would have been easier, but even still, not these days when so many people don’t use cash often at all. Perhaps a trip to the bank for change is in order?

  4. elise replied:

    I bet it took you most of the night to find those coins and I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to leave your house to get them.

    And I just bet that the Bee said that they didn’t do the lesson yet because hardly any kids brought the coins in!

    In my experience if each kid in the class had $2.45 sitting around in a bag, there would be a lot of “missing” money by the end of the week! My kids can’t even keep the other kids from stealing their pencils much less their money!

  5. chip replied:

    well, I just went through my son’s entire room and found all kinds of change… I’m assuming though that the Bee’s room is somewhat more orderly than BK’s.

  6. landismom replied:

    Elise is the winner–yeah, it took forever to find the dimes. Everything else I got easily. And she gets the bonus points, too–they didn’t do the lesson.

  7. Library Lady replied:

    All the second grades seem to do this now. And JR INSISTED that it had to be play money, not real money. So I sent her off with no money and a note to the teacher.
    That night she told me real money WAS what the teacher wanted and I raided the box that she stores various coins she’s collected–mostly by finding them in the house. I also went into a little basket by my bed where all my odds and ends end up. I had no trouble assembling what she needed, and put the rest back in her box…

  8. Kate the Shrew replied:

    Wow, I never use cash anymore, so it might take me weeks to come up with the change, barring a special trip to the bank.

    I love that they didn’t even do the lesson. At least now you’re all set the next time you need to feed a parking meter?

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