some random things

I’m about to go out of town for a few days, and probably won’t have much time to blog while I’m away. To entertain you in my absence, I present a random array of links. Enjoy!

  • If you’re a mac user, you simply must visit the Free Mac Ware site. It’s a great source of free applications, and if you download their widget, you can keep track of their updates from your dashboard. I can kill a lot of free time surfing around their site and downloading things.
  • Things like coconutWiFi, which puts a little icon into the top of your screen to show if you’re near an open wireless signal. It also tells you if there’s a protected wireless signal in range (which is helpful for people like me who sometimes work out of other people’s offices).
  • I’ve also been spending a lot of time lately on Endicia’s Picture It Postage, a site that lets you buy stamps that have pictures from your own personal photo collection on them. This year, instead of the ubiquitous Santa stamps, I’ll be sending my holiday cards with a stamp that has a picture of my kids at the zoo on it. The interface makes ordering very easy, and if you don’t want recognizable pictures going through the USPS, you can pixellate, crystallize, do sepia effects, etc.
  • and In a perfect world, these two sites would merge and the resulting site would have the best of both. Bookins has a better system for mailing (endicia, again), but bookmooch has a lot more flexibility in adding books to your wishlist. Plus, with every book worth one point, you’re a lot more likely to eventually earn that copy of The Penguin Book of Irish Fiction (which is worth 16 practically-unattainable points on bookins, for some reason). Of course, if that did happen, I’d probably never get rid of some of the dogs I have on my trade list now (what do you mean you don’t want a copy of The Ultimate Baby Name Book from 1999?).
  • If you’re in the market for 1 GB of free online storage, you can’t go wrong here. I’ve been using this with a few co-workers to share data on a specific project, and the free version’s worked pretty well for us.
  • GoogleCalendar. I admit, I resisted the call of the online calendar until very recently. But the clean design and ease of sharing (okay, I had to make him reactivate his gmail account) means that landisdad and I don’t have to spend our days calling each other to figure out who’s picking up which kid. I figure this is good practice for when we’ve got two kids and three activities going at once (happily, this day has yet to arrive. Procrastination works!)

I’ll have a similar post about the content side of my web-time-wasting in a day or so.


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