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I took the Bee roller skating yesterday. It was fun, and I’m not sure if there is any activity that can more quickly return me to middle school. Especially since they’re evidently still playing hits like Le Freak. Although given that the alternative seemed to be Beyonce’s “Ring the Alarm,” I guess I shouldn’t really complain. Plus, I had a true return to my Jersey girlhood, as the arcade at the skating rink included not only an air hockey table (Bee-1, Landismom-6) but also my favorite arcade game of all time, Skee-Ball.

We haven’t been skating for about five months, and the Bee had gotten a little rusty. It’s a lot harder to skate slowly, to keep pace with a girl who’s hugging the wall. My ankles were killing me at first, but by the end of the time we were there, she was doing great.

I really like skating with the Bee. I should do it more. There was a moment yesterday when I thought, “I should buy skates and we should do this every weekend!” But then reality struck, and I remembered that it really hurts to wear new skates, and I actually would have to skate in them every weekend for like a year before my feet stopped blistering. When I was in college, I had a teacher who had worked on the original Broadway production of Starlight Express, and he described to us the process of boiling skate boots that they had to go through once every three months or so, to break in the new boots for the dancers. I think I’ll stick with the rentals.


October 9, 2006. growing up.


  1. Michelle replied:

    Did you shoot the duck?

  2. christie replied:

    I looove skee-ball. I can sit there and play it for hours on end!
    and totally tooting my own horn here- I rule at it lol

    hubby is always amazed at my skee-ball skills lmao

  3. jackie replied:

    skee-ball is AWESOME. skating, on the other hand, I have never mastered, tho I did go skating in middle-school, and even couple-skated to Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do (I do it for you)”. It was a crucial moment in my adolescent romantic years.

  4. Kate the Shrew replied:

    I went skating recently, for the first time in 20 years, with a friend and her oldest daughter, and ended up vertical a lot more of the time than I’d figured I would.

    It really is amazing how the rinks are still every bit as cheesy as they were in the 80’s. The only thing missing was the vending machine with the gummy bracelets!

  5. MetroDad replied:

    I LOVE that you love skeeball, LM. Any time I see a skeeball setup, I’m ecstatic.

    As for roller skating, I can’t believe you didn’t mention Xanadu! I can’t even think of roller skating without the theme song going through my head.

  6. Jennifer replied:

    YMCA! I thought that was the universal roller skating song.

    I can’t wait to be able to interact with my daughter this way. We have fun now but, you, it would be nice to have a conversation : )

  7. Jay replied:

    I have never in my life gone roller skating. I’m not sure if it’s one of those things that everyone should do, or no one should do.

  8. jo(e) replied:

    I haven’t been rollerskating in years. It was the cool thing to do on Sunday afternoons when I was a teenager.

    Just reading your post brought back memories.

  9. Her Bad Mother replied:

    I’m with MetroDad – where’s the Xanadu reference??? The roller-skating movie to end all roller-skating movies! Oh, the memories…

  10. Anjali replied:

    I’ll add a vote for skee ball!!! Oh, and skating is fun, too, especially with a multi-colored disco ball.

  11. amusing replied:

    Skee ball rocks! (I especially like the power arm move my five year old employs that rockets the ball toward the rings and ends up guttering — though sometimes it goes in the 100,000 point slot.)

    Someone at school recently held an ice skating birthday party for the five year olds. Not a good idea. Blood was shed and two went home early with ice packs and bandages….

    Our little crew enjoys bowling. Excellent for the mommy on a bad day to bash pins.

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