I’m afraid I’m going to be light on the posting between now and the election.  About all I’ve got are some weekend vignettes. I keep having these things happen that make me think, “oh, I should blog about that!” and then I go off and have a conversation about persuasion mail for infrequent senior voters, and it drives the bloggable, cute things my kids are doing out of my head. Rest assured. They’re still doing cute things. Someday, I might even retain them.

  •  This morning, landisdad and I were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the paper. The Potato went into the basement and puttered around for a little while. When he came back up, he opened the door, stuck his head out and said, “Do you guys think I’m a little goofball?” Needless to say, we cracked up.
  • We (and by we I mean landisdad) finally finished (well, almost) painting the playroom in the basement, so we’ve moved a lot more of the kid stuff down there, including the kitchen. Both of our kids are obsessed with playing restaurant–usually the Potato is the cook and the Bee is a waiter. It’s the one game they can reliably play together without getting into a fight. The Bee made two different menus and cafe signs this weekend–one was for the Mango Tango, the other was the Kitty Kat Kafe. The cafe with the unfortunate initials has adorable cat stencils on the sign.
  • I’d like to photoblog it, but last weekend we got a new printer. A printer which is networked into our wireless network (yay!). Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to download the photos from the card reader in the printer over the wireless network (boo!). Hopefully, there will be more photoblogging soon. Oh HP, please help me to understand the mysteries of the networked printer!
  • On the menu at the Mango Tango? If only I could scan it and show you. The Bee’s printing has gotten so much neater. It’s a full-day menu, serving breakfast, lunch & dinner. Also? Beer and wine. What does this say about my children’s parents?
  • Finally, the Bee was playing school in my office yesterday. There’s an easel set up in there that has a chalkboard on one side, paper on the other. On the chalkboard was the following math problem: 5026 + 2050=7076. So far, all of the Bee’s math homework has consisted of things like: 9+3=12. I was pretty amazed, so I asked her about it this morning, curious if she understood the concept of carrying tens. She didn’t, and apparently she had added it starting from the left-hand side. Still, I was impressed.

October 22, 2006. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. Michelle replied:

    Definitely a little Einstein. I still remember how stumped I was by long division in 4th grade. Just wasn’t getting it.

  2. Leggy replied:

    Wow she’s impressive. Most impressive (said in deep James Earl Jones voice.)
    Great line about the restaurant with the unfortunate initials!

  3. chip replied:

    what a cute little goofball you have!

  4. MetroDad replied:

    The Bee is a genius! And a gourmet chef! Who serves wine and beer!

    Good luck on all the election work, LM. Keep fighting the good fight!

  5. Comfort Addict replied:

    Great stories about the kids. If they play restaurant, they’re going to turn out all right. Good luck with the good work for the election.

  6. Daydreams and Musings replied:

    Cute stories. I love the goofball one. M Girl was getting us to give her a massage the other night and said ‘I’m a little devil, aren’t I?”

    How did you manage to get a wireless networked printer to actually work? I feel so demoralized because I simply can’t get it to work. I’ve never been able to get any kind of network thing to work in my house. So we walk around with USB keys and load docs/pics onto the key and walk it over to the computer with the printer we want to use. It would be nice to be a little more efficient!

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