up and down

This week has been sort of a roller-coaster.

First, we had a great parent-teacher conference with the Bee’s teacher. The Bee continues on her road to academic stardom, having received the best report card in her class. The Bee, tough on herself as she is, expressed disappointment about getting only an ‘S’ in gym (as opposed to an S+, which is what she got in her other special classes). Landisdad and I told her how proud we were of her, and how happy it makes us to see her doing so well.

On the down side, though, it looks as if our beloved cat Panda is in renal failure. I spent a couple of hours last night sleeping on the couch with him, and he was utterly miserable. Landisdad and I took him to the vet this morning, and they’re keeping him through the weekend. It’s hard to see him suffering so much, especially since the onset of this illness has been very abrupt–he only started acting sick on Wednesday. It will be hard for all of us if he’s dying, but I worry about the Potato most of all, both because he hasn’t experienced the death of a pet yet, and because he just loves Panda so much. Panda sleeps in our upstairs hallway nearly every morning, so the first thing I hear when I wake up is the Potato coming out of his room, saying “Pandeeee!” and giving him a hug.


November 17, 2006. random other things.


  1. Deidre Aufiero replied:

    I’m sorry. I hope there is some good news for Panda over the weekend.

  2. Leggy replied:

    I’m sorry. I hope Panda is okay.

  3. chip replied:

    oh sorry about your cat. Our cat had that and was peeing all over the house — it associated the cat box with the pain of peeing. The vet said there was no hope, it would only get worse. We decided to put her down while my wife and kids (then 2 and 5) were away, and we didn’t tell the kids, only saying the cat had died. It was very sad, I actually surprised myself by crying as they were injecting the cat (who we’d had for ten years). But within the year the kids had adopted a very cool little stray kitten who showed up at our back door, and who is still with us.

  4. chichimama replied:

    I’m so sorry about Panda. I hope the vet has good news for you. I worry about something happening to our cats too, for similar reasons.

    And great news about the Bee’s report card!

  5. Elizabeth replied:

    Sorry to hear about Panda. Wishing you good news.

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