my favorite search term of 2007

I’m inventing a meme.

“Happy Potato Revolution”

What’s yours?


January 11, 2007. memes.


  1. Alexandra replied:

    For this year, mine is “why is it quiet when it snows”, followed closely by “hustle trees”

  2. Andy replied:

    I think mine has to be “rolly polly nymph.”

  3. Trey replied:

    Well, my perennial favorite is “Chinese Donuts,” I get that one all the time, daily almost.

    The most esoteric one is “nutty putty birth canal” got that twice recently! (you’ll have to go to my blog later today, i’ll post why 🙂

  4. Kimberly replied:

    I don’t know how to figure that out, but I wanna play too! How do you tell what people are searching for to get to you?

  5. landismom replied:

    Well, in wordpress, it just tells you in your dashboard. I’m not sure for other blogging platforms–I know that when I had my blogspot blog, I had to add a different program (sitemeter, I think) to find it out.

  6. Jim replied:

    “Hot single dad needs love in 2007”

  7. Emily replied:

    Andy stole mine, well I have got to say that my #2 was “one leg drag crawl”. I guess I am not alone with the oddly crawling kiddo. And if there is a “Happy Potato Revolution” can I join?

  8. Jeff replied:

    “part time job in vietnam”

    no ideas. none at all.

  9. chip replied:

    I block google from indexing my site, so no search terms here.

    But I really like “happy potato revolution”!!

  10. Suzanne replied:

    I know I’m just a little late on this, but a recent search that makes me wonder just what on earth the person was thinking is “How can I become a merman?”

    Really, I have no idea. Unless you happen to know a sea witch with a vendetta against your father, the king, you just might be out of luck.

  11. landismom replied:

    Okay, Suzanne, I just snorted diet Coke onto my keyboard. You owe me!

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