BFF? Maybe not

The Bee is going to a sleep-over birthday party at her best friend Peony’s house this weekend, and I’m a little worried about it. I think that there’s starting to be some friction between them, and I’m afraid that Peony is starting to turn away from the Bee, and toward another girl in their class. They’ve always had a sort of lopsided three-way friendship, and for the most part, I think the Peony has been left out more than the Bee has been, but the scale is tipping toward her and away from the Bee right now. Whether due to this turn of events or just through unhappy coincidence, the Bee prefers the Peony to the other girl now.

I’m sort of wondering how to deal with it. I know that the vagaries of little-kid friendship exist, and are a healthy part of growing up. I know that the Bee and the Peony will cycle back toward closer friendship again. But I’m still a little worried about how the Bee will react to being left out when it’s in a sleepover situation. There will be more kids there from their class, and I’m hoping that she’ll just decide to play with them.

I remember that my own childhood best friend and I were constantly on the ins or outs. There were a pair of twins in our neighborhood that were our age, and when my best friend was dumping me, she’d go off with not one but both of them. It added insult to injury–after all, if she had just paired up with one, I would have had the other to play with! There’s pretty much nothing worse, when you’re seven, than seeing your best friend go off with someone else, and I don’t want my Bee to suffer that pain, though I think in the end it will be good for her.


January 17, 2007. growing up. 9 comments.