crafty people needed

So I volunteered to run the craft room for our school’s Family Reading Night. And now I’m stuck, searching for inspiration in the book-related craft field.

I turned to the fine people at google, and here are some of the exciting & cool things I found.

These are kind of cute, but  I can’t see it taking that long to make a nametag.

I also like these, but where am I going to find that many laundry boxes on such short notice?

This is kind of a nifty idea, but again, not a lot of spare cargo pockets lying around our house. Same goes for this one, although how cool is that bookbag?

I’m definitely leaning toward this one, because I do have a lot of old paper bags.

There also seem to be a fair-amount of religiously motivated book crafts, but I’m not going there. Not even for this Kwanzaa family book-cover project (though I might do this one with my own kids).

Any other suggestions out there? Come on, crafty people, I need you!


February 12, 2007. books for kids. 9 comments.