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And a brief detour into pop culture criticism. Landisdad and I finally watched Crash last night (I know, we’re huge romantics!), and I have to say, we both walked away wondering what all the hype was about. I mean, I realize it was supposed to be this big, transformative movie about race, but jeez, any episode of The Wire is more thoughtful about that subject. Part of the way through, landisdad pointed out that almost every scene consisted of two people, one of whom was invariably yelling at the other one about why she/he was a racist. Of course, it became impossible not to watch the film through that lens from that point forward. And what a shame, because some truly talented actors were utterly wasted in it. Last year, the only Oscar-nominated film I had seen was Brokeback Mountain, and I couldn’t help but be sympathetic to the outcry that it was robbed of the Best Picture Oscar–now I know that outcry was right.


February 15, 2007. random other things. 8 comments.