this should bring me some interesting searches

How do you tell if a cat has dementia? One of our cats has recently started to wander around yowling at odd hours of the day and night. Also, he’s preventing the other cat from going into the basement to use the litter box. Which is So! Much! Fun! And has resulted in the second cat peeing on all sorts of things in our house. Like the Potato’s favorite blanket. And his second favorite blanket.

The first cat is fairly odd to begin with–he’s terrified of all humans, including us. I’m not sure if either of the kids have ever touched him. I don’t think I’ve touched him in the last five years, come to think of it.  He hides in the basement whenever we have guests. About once every six months, he’ll let landisdad touch him, but other than that, he’d like it if we just left him a pile of food and never bothered him again.

But his behavior lately is even more odd than what we’ve come to expect. It’s a little hard to diagnose a cat who’s already deranged, so I’m not sure if we’ll ever know.


February 17, 2007. family life. 4 comments.