a mendacious meme

I was tagged by Christie to do this meme: six true things about me and one false one. See if you can figure out the lie:

  1. I gave my daughter her paternal grandmother’s name for a middle name, because I lived with my grandmother for a while as a teenager/young adult. She kept me alive then, and in my own way, I’m keeping her alive now.
  2. We gave the Potato a middle name that belonged to my maternal great-grandfather and landisdad’s paternal great-grandfather.
  3. I let my son paint his finger- and toe-nails when his sister and I do it. Right now, he’s sporting two different shades of green.
  4. I have a bunch of extra holes in my head. Eight, to be exact.
  5. I bought more stationery this week, even though I have enough to last a lifetime. What’s better than a new notebook?
  6. I’ve had pinkeye twice this winter. And as far as I can tell, I didn’t catch it from my kids.
  7. My mom turned 65 this week. She’s thinking about retiring. Just thinking about it.

Updated, 2/25/07:

Well, it was kind of a trick question. The lie was number 4–I do have a bunch of extra holes in my head, but the number isn’t eight. The Potato does have a name from great-grandfathers on both sides of his family–it’s his middle name, though.


February 23, 2007. memes. 7 comments.