mash notes

One of the Potato’s more endearing habits, of late, is that he’s started writing little ‘notes.’ They’re not really notes of course–while he has learned to write some letters, he still lacks an understanding of the propering ordering of letters within words, or that they should all be on the same line. Earlier today, he asked me how to spell ‘mommy’–his resulting word took up half a page, and was in no particular order–and yet it warmed the cockles of my matronly heart.

Every once in a while, when I go to bed, I find a little note from him under my pillow, or in the drawer of my bedside table. It’s so endearing, to think of him potatoing up to our bedroom and sneaking me a surprise for later. Last night, he left us a mini-Magna Doodle with a sketch on it.I think he learned this from his sister–who from time to time will leave me a picture or note under my pillow. She generally tells me that I can’t look at it until the next morning–I’m supposed to sleep with a piece of paper crackling next to my ear all night. But princess-like, I can’t, so I usually move it, and replace it the next day.

When I go away on a trip for work, I always leave the kids notes that landisdad gives them in the morning after breakfast. They’re usually not much–just a few lines to let them know I’m thinking about them–but I know they matter. The Potato has taken his to school on occasion, and the one or two times that I’ve forgotten, and had to send an email for landisdad to print out for them, it doesn’t seem quite the same. And whenever I’m traveling, I always have a note or two that the Bee has written, stuffed into my briefcase. Soon enough, I’ll have a mash note from the Potato, too.


February 25, 2007. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. guerson replied:

    awwww, that is SO cute…

  2. Sandra replied:

    That is sweet, very sweet.

  3. Suzanne replied:

    What a great idea — I think I’ll try orchestrating a note for the kids to put in Jeff’s suitcase the next time he travels.

  4. sober briquette replied:

    Sweet. Tonight it’s cloudy, so while she waited for dinner, my daughter colored a few sheets of paper black, then cut out and colored yellow stars and moons. She then taped them all over the house, in each of our bedrooms, so we could see the stars.

  5. Liz replied:

    Just happend upon your page via Blog explosion. That is so sweet that they leave you little notes under your pillow. Make sure you save them.

    My children leave me notes on the kitchen table so that when I get up in the morning, they can tell me things like, put my clothes in the dryer, don’t forget to pick up such and such as the store and have a good day. I always write back to them, wishing them a good day and that I love them. We keep all the note pads. My daughter is sentimental and loves to read through all of our notes.

  6. jackie replied:

    So cute! When my girls were taking lunches to school, I started putting little notes in their lunchboxes, and they loved it. Today they made me little presents out of tissue-paper and stick-on bows and left them next to my plate while I was making lunch.

  7. Jeff replied:

    Wow, that is adorable. During a televised Michigan State basketball game last week, my gal wrote Go Spartans in green on loose-leaf for me. So very thoughtful.

    My mother and I play this game, which started when I was in high school and continues from time to time still, even though I am 31. I have this stuffed black and pink piggy and we will take turns leaving it for each other in odd places (I will put it inside her steering wheel in her car…she will leave it in the bathroom, positioned so that he is looking at my while I brush my teeth). It is really funny and we never discuss it, which makes it that much cooler. We just volley him back and forth.

  8. Jennifer replied:

    That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

  9. Jessica replied:

    That’s so sweet! And now I feel guilty because I’m away on business and I didn’t even think about the fabulous idea of leaving notes for the kids!

  10. MetroDad replied:

    I can’t stand the cuteness, LM! I love the fact that the kids leave you these little notes. What a beautiful thing.

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