wanna be on my ticket?

I don’t know what I was thinking when I agreed to be the PTA president. I’ve had a fairly easy ride as vice-president these last two years, but now that it’s time to pick my cabinet, I’m befuddled and bewildered. For one thing, there are very few people willing to run as vice-president, when they know it means they turn into the president two years from now. For another thing, the current PTA officers keep wandering around during school events saying, “next year, this will all be yours!” and then cackling evilly.

Yeah, thanks, could you say that a little louder next to the kindergarten parents? I don’t think you’ve scared them off enough yet.

So I decided to put together my dream PTA ticket from the parenting blogosphere. We might not live in the same zip code (or even the same country), we might not bake for the bake sale or direct the talent show, but a girl’s gotta have a dream. Here’s my dream team.

For Treasurer: Penguin from penguinunearthed. I mean, she wrote a post about being an actuary–she must be good with money, right? And, she’s got working mom guilt. I can’t have any PTA allies without working mom guilt–how could I relate to them?

For Recording Secretary: Kimberly from Sanity & the Solo Mom. Blogger (other than me) most likely to have given birth to my daughter. The one thing I would really worry about is how landisdad would handle having her girls as well as our kids when my cabinet and I went out drinking together to plan back-to-school night.

For Corresponding Secretary: Vicki from Procrastamom, because I think she can actually type. Plus, her kids are older than mine, and she’ll be able to tell me how to avoid various tweener pitfalls (or at least laugh ruefully when I encounter them). And, she makes delightful cards!

And for Vice President: my good blog friend and the monster of all daddybloggers, Metrodad. First, because I really want a man on the ticket (subverting the dominant paradigm one old-school principal at a time). Second, because I like to do spit-takes during meetings, and I’m sure with Pierre around I’d be doing that at every PTA get-together. Emma Goldman famously said, “if I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in your revolution.” I feel the same way about sarcasm, and I’m almost positive that sarcasm will be the centerpiece of the Metrodad revolution.

Who would you pick to run your fantasy PTA?


March 1, 2007. memes, meta. 6 comments.