I guess we might be doing something right. Once in a while.

We’re at the end of a very successful weekend at chez landis. The sibling relations flared into sniping a few times, but there was no serious squabbling. In fact, I think this is the first weekend in something like forever in which no child experienced the time-out.

Let me repeat that. Not. One. Time-out.

I realize that may seem trivial to some of you, but trust me, over here it’s cause to break out the Cristal.

In addition to the lack of fighting and general unpleasantness, my children surprised me in the following ways:

    1. The Bee volunteered to help clean the bathroom.
    2. The Potato volunteered to clean his own room (with help). {a side note–are all pre-schoolers the enemy of the book dust jacket, or is it just mine?}
    3. Landisdad was sick yesterday, so I took the Potato grocery shopping, where he actually sat in the cart for the entire shopping trip. A boy who can’t sit still for twenty seconds–sitting still for over an hour.
    4. The Bee spent over 11 hours reading. Her school is having a contest to see which class can read a total of 3,000 minutes in a month. She did at least 660 minutes (and is doing more as I write this) in two days. I think the second grade might be winning this pizza party.
    5. Last night, with landisdad still ailing, I took the kids out to dinner. Where they sat next to each other in a booth. And did not argue or fight. And shared crayons. And bites of each other’s food. And ice cream.

      Okay, who’s got the pod in their basement? And what have you done with my real children?


      March 4, 2007. family life.


      1. chichimama replied:

        Congrats! May all your weekends go as smoothly (except for LandisDad’s ailment of course…).

      2. Suzanne replied:

        It’s so gratifying, isn’t it? You are totally doing something right.

        We have a large stack of book jackets that are crumpled or torn or creased or otherwise mangled. Useless, they are. I’m not even sure why I’m keeping them, separate from their books — as if I will ever put the damaged jackets back on!

      3. sober briquette replied:

        It’s one of those transporting pods (like in the Fly), and they’ve been at my house. But I’m sending them back!

      4. fidget replied:

        wow that is a red letter weekend. Could you send the pod this way?

      5. Vicky replied:

        It just gets easier and easier as they grow up. I am still constantly amazed at how much calmer my kids become as time passes. With the two youngest being less than two years apart, trust me, I was up to my elbows in shit storms FOR YEARS! Now I marvel at how easy it is to go into a restaurant or shop for groceries.

        …and I secretly laugh at my brother and sister-in-law as they flounder through the pre-school/kindergarten years with their two. Yeah, I’m sweet that way!

      6. Liz replied:

        You mean they sat next to each other and didn’t complain, “He’s looking at me!” or “She’s touching me!!” lol I remember those days. Glad it was peaceful. 🙂

      7. CamiKaos replied:

        book jackets seem to have a mortal enemy in preschoolers. I started separating books from jacket a little over a year ago and now I have a box full of them. Why am I saving them? I don’t know.

      8. Anjali replied:

        Please plant a pod here. We need it!

      9. jo(e) replied:

        Hurray for a successful weekend!

      10. learning to read, loving to read « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

        […] other reading news, the Bee’s school has been having a contest this month–each class is challenged to read for a total of 3,000 minutes. She told me yesterday that her […]

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