trouble commenting

Is anyone else having trouble commenting on Blogger? I have lost the ability to comment on half of the blogs I read, because for some reason, the visual verification isn’t working. Instead of having the string of nonsense letters & numbers, I just see the words “visual verification.” I’ve tried just putting in some random letters & numbers of my own, but that doesn’t seem to work.

This just started happening at the end of last week. I’ve emailed a couple of comments to folks, but not everyone has an email address on their blog–if anyone has suggestions as to how I might fix this, I’d appreciate it. I’m using Firefox, btw.


March 5, 2007. meta.


  1. jackie replied:

    I’m also having trouble, and I’m on Blogger! They recently switched to “blogger 2.0” that incorporates more Google-related features and IDs, and it’s screwing everything up. I have trouble commenting on my own blog, which is just infuriating!

  2. elise replied:

    I bet it is some blogger problem and nothing you are doing wrong. Blogger seems to eventually fix their problems. I haven’t had any problems lately, but for awhile I would type in the word verification letters and it would come back up with a second set of letters and I would just type those ones and the comment would then be accepted. I think it stopped doing that but I don’t comment on a lot of blogs so I’m not sure if I’ve just been lucky.

  3. Jeff replied:

    same here and I to am using firefox…hmmm…

  4. Liz replied:

    I haven’t had any problem commenting on Blogger sites. Hopefully it will resolve itself and you will be back on your commenting feet soon. 😉

  5. Jay replied:

    Ironically, I just had trouble commenting on yours.

    Yes, I have the same problem with blogger, but I find that if you press send\submit a few times, often it downloads a code that you can actually see.

  6. Carrie replied:

    I’ve had that problem as well for quite a while. Sometimes if I refresh the page a few times some letters eventually come up, but not always.

  7. guerson replied:

    I too had trouble but it seems to be ok now…

  8. Hannah replied:

    I’ve been having trouble commenting as well, but not because of the confirmation thing, which I’m not even getting. I hit “comment”, the page reloads, then… nothing. I don’t know what to do about it, and I haven’t been able to find anyone else who’s had the exact same problem. I’m going to try it in IE, which I’m sure won’t work either, but I’m glad to know that other people are having problems, even if they may be different.

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