International Women’s Day? Why not a meme?

I saw this meme over at Figure:Demystifying the Feminist Mystique, thought I’d give it a shot. Name your five favorite things about feminism, and tag five other people:

1. Having access to childcare centers, and not having to rely on my mom to take care of my kids.

2. No more “pink collar” job ads.

3. Last year, I had a conversation with a coworker about a friend of hers who got kicked out of nursing school back in the 60s, when the school administration found out she was secretly married. Pretty glad that’s not legal any more.

4. I like having a credit card in my own name.

5. I’m happy that my daughter will have access to any kind of training she can imagine, from being a construction worker to a neurologist.

And now the tags:

Jim from Patriside

Narya from Dharma Practice

Chichimama from A Day in the Life

Jeff from Out With the Kids

& De from Sober Briquette.

Have fun!


March 8, 2007. memes. 4 comments.