a view from the blue

I took the Potato to the playground alone yesterday. My brother and his family had taken the Bee to a basketball game, but they didn’t have enough tickets for both of the kids to go, so the Potato got some Mommy time. It was extremely crowded at the playground–the first nice weekend day in a while–and it made me realize how much I rely on the Bee to help me keep track of the Potato whenever we go there.

I had to keep bobbing around under and through the equipment, trying to keep an eye on his little blue hoodie. Becca had a post up recently about taking her kids to the playground, and being able to read a book, and while I’m not quite at that point, I do feel okay letting the Bee and the Potato play together without keeping a close eye out.

The playground that we go to most often is fairly large, with both a little kids’ & big kids’ section–and the Potato has gotten so used to playing on the big kids’ side with his sister that he turned his nose up at the little kids’ side this time. That meant I had to trail behind him, making sure he didn’t fall off anything that was too high, or slide down anything too steep.

It’s nice to be reminded, every once in a while, that having two kids isn’t always more work than having one.


March 12, 2007. family life. 7 comments.