who makes you think?

One of my favorite things about having a blog is when someone leaves me a comment that lets me know I made them think about something differently. So I was delighted when Suzanne tagged me as a Thinking Blogger. I also really love writing that makes me think, particularly writing that makes me get outside the box of my own head.

There are so many bloggers who affect me. Some of them probably don’t even know I’m reading them–because sometimes after reading an affecting post, I don’t know what to say, and so I don’t comment. But it still touches me.

Suzanne took this meme to a new level, by not just naming the bloggers who made her think, but the specific posts that were especially “think-worthy.”  I’m going to follow in her footsteps, and award “Thinking Blogger” to the following:

Thordora, for her post Voices Carry

Michael Willis, for his post Total Raisin Bran

Angry Black Bitch, for her post Nasty Little Revival

Elle, ABD, for her post Mothers of Color

and Brett, for his post An Outdoor Experience That Changed My Life


March 21, 2007. memes, meta.


  1. elle replied:

    oh, thank you!

  2. alala replied:

    wow. yeah. totally.

    That means thank you for posting these, they made me think too. But I didn’t leave any comments, because… because I don’t know how to say what I wanted to say concisely. And your posts often make me think, but I don’t comment because see above.

  3. thordora replied:

    Wow. Thanks! That post came out of annoyance more than anything, and the comments are helping me think through the topic a bit more.

    Which means COMMENT alala! Comment away!

  4. Michael replied:

    Thank you for the mention…it’s very much appreciated.

  5. Jay replied:

    I look forward to reading all these; thanks.

  6. AngryBlackBitch replied:

    Thank you!

  7. check « alala replied:

    […] Oh, and the thing I’ve been thinking and reading about lately can be described, I suppose, as the intersection of gender and race – it kind of came up when I was thinking about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the issues that are going to surface around their contest for candidacy, though I’ve beein pondering this stuff for a lot longer than that. But it occurs to me that it’s probably going to be time to have something to say, instead of just chasing my own tail about it. And so of course the reason I haven’t written about it is that it’s all becoming too complex for my tiny brain. But I think I’ve found some help, via Bumblebee Sweet Potato. […]

  8. who'da thunk it? « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] did this meme last month, but I’m pleased to be able to do it again. Here are my five Thinking Bloggers for […]

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