the streets of New York


We went to NYC this weekend to visit my MIL, and the kids got to experience the joys of not one but two playgrounds in the city that never sleeps. Whenever we got to a playground in my MIL’s neighborhood, I’m struck by how obviously we are outsiders. Because believe it or not, the Potato was the only kid in this entire (crowded!) playground wearing shoes that had a cartoon character on them. Seriously, where do you buy the shoes, New Yorkers? How come they don’t have that kind of cute at Payless?


The Bee proved herself mistress of the monkey bars, impressing all the younger kids in the house (or out of the house, I guess).

And I had one of those “I thought this was apocryphal, but I guess it’s real” moments when I heard the mothers of some two-year-old girls talking about whether or not their daughters would get in to Children’s Day School.


March 27, 2007. family life.


  1. chichimama replied:

    Ah, life on the NYC playground. We left New York before C was in “real” shoes, so I couldn’t tell you where they buy them. But I was already surrounded by talk of the private school scramble by the time he was one, so I can only imagine what it would be like at 2+!

    Glad the kids had fun. We need to make a similar trek in, we promised the kids a trip to the Museum of Natural History and the Met…

  2. Susan replied:

    When I was in NY last weekend, I kept looking at kids playing in fountains (no water turned out yet) and thinking how much Curious Girl would like playing there. I love the photos! Look at that climbing concentration.

  3. sweatpantsmom replied:

    I loved this book as a child. But for some reason cannot convince my daughters to read it. Along with not being able to convince them to listen to any Jackson 5.


  4. sweatpantsmom replied:

    Left the comment on the wrong post. Sorry!

  5. croutonboy replied:

    The cute shoes are only available in unmarked buildings protected by velvet ropes and bouncers, and only the REAL New Yorkers know where they are.

    Actually, having attempted to by shoes for Cheeky a few times, I’m a little surprised that I haven’t seen cartoon characters on any shoes. I can only assume it’s because the collective consciousness of New York parents is too self-absorbed to by anything that didn’t make THEM look good. It’s hard to show that your kid is better than the kid next to you if they are both wearing Dora on their soles…

  6. Jeff replied:

    Ahh, New York. We have taken our little one up a few times, but oddly enough have never stopped at a proper playground. We walked along Battery Park City and hung out at South St. Seaport (to see Josh Ritter). We have taken her to the Museum of Natural History – one of my favorite places in all the world. We like Olly Shoes. Our girl has never had a character on a shoe nor have her feet ever illuminated the night sky. We like to keep it simple.

  7. Library Lady replied:

    If you were at a playground where the moms are worried about fancy private schools, you are in the land where kids who don’t even walk yet wear shoes that cost the equivalent of my monthly grocery bill!

    The kids in the Payless shoes are up above 110th St or in the outer boroughs like my old home in the Bronx.

    I am hoping to take the girls up next weekend to see my folks, but I haven’t introduced JR to Manhattan yet–I don’t trust her in crowds. SC, on the other hand, has spent many a vacation with my in-laws and has been all over the place. Lucky girl!

  8. thordora replied:

    One reason to like where I live-no one gives a crap about that stuff. However, the two pairs of toddler converse I’ve found at the thrift store tend to be popular-especially since each pair cost 1.00. 🙂

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