cuddly things

I was tagged by Jeff at Out With the Kids with this meme about three favorite childhood toys. As I’ve previously blogged, my favorite childhood stuffed animal was my red horse, Horsey.


Like Jeff, I also had a favorite blankee–in my case, a quilt with my name on it that was made by my maternal grandmother. I had that quilt on my bed until it literally fell apart when I was in college. It was a crazy quilt–one side was the all-crazy pattern, and the other side had my name in the middle of a white background, with a crazy quilt border. There was a book that came along with it, but I can’t remember the name–it was about a girl whose quilt helped save her parents’ house from a fire.

I also had a nameless white, fluffy stuffed cat that I carried around everywhere. The night my father went totally insane, and threw our phone threw the front door window before leaving the house, I offered to let my mother sleep with it. I’m not sure what happened to that cat. The last time I saw it, it was missing chunks of fur, and I suspect my mother had patience only for one overly-loved stuffed animal.


April 8, 2007. memes. 5 comments.