Don, I mus t say, you’re an idiot

We briefly interrupt this mommyblog to show our school spirit. As a proud Rutgers alumna, I feel a sororal duty to ask you all to send a letter to these various media outlets condemning the ridiculous behavior of a certain radio show host. You don’t have to use NOW’s text, just say what ya gotta’ say. Racism is bad. Mommybloggers, rise up against it. Dads, you too. Childless people, you gotta get in the game.


April 11, 2007. politically motivated.


  1. Sandra replied:

    OK, I sent mine.

    I keep thinking about how angry and hurt the athletes’ parents must be. Imagine having your child achieve at that level and then having to see her targeted by a celebrity bigot in that way. Sickening.

  2. Jeff replied:

    I sent mine and added this at the top:
    “Free Speech should not protect racism, hatred and stupidity. You shouldn’t scream “fire” or “I’ve got a bomb” in a crowd of people and you shouldn’t be able to slander a team, person, group of people, or anyone on the national airwaves without severe consequence.

    As a Father of a girl, I cannot express how frustrating and challenging it is to raise a healthy, bold, confident and independent young lady in this modern society. Unwelcomed and unwanted comments like Imus’ only make the task more difficult. If one more boy in the world think it is ok to call a girl a Ho because of what he said than he should never be in a position of influence or on the air again.”

    Thanks for the link.

    I take almost nothing to heart and get hurt by very little, but when it comes to making sure women feel safe to be strong, competitive and bold (all “boy” traits in many people’s eyes) without being called a Ho, Bitch or anything else, I draw the line.

  3. thordora replied:

    This guy pisses me off. Kudos to CBS for getting rid of him.

    And if I hear the “but he says stuff like this all the TIME!” justification one more time, I’m gonna lose my mind.

  4. Anjali replied:

    And I sure hope Imus isn’t allowed to fake therapy to rid himself of bigotry, and then welcomed right back into public domain.

  5. paula replied:

    You know what is sad, that our society has allowed the media and certain people in the media to decide who should and shouldn’t be punished. Don Imus is a schmuck, he has always been a schmuck. But, why is it a big deal today? Why did they decide he is no longer worth the money he has made them today of all days? Because Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton made a big deal about it. Who are they to decide who has made a mistake? They themselves have faltered many times in their lives, and now they are the judges? No, it shouldn’t work that way. Don Imus is done, he will probably never work again in the media. He has no friends, and he has plenty of enemies. The man will suffer and maybe he deserves it. Then why aren’t there more people standing in Imus’ shoes? There are plenty out there. Until the judgment is on an equal playing field, racism will continue in many many forms. It is unfair. Make everyone accountable, not just the white, successful man!!

  6. M2ATK replied:

    Racism is bad… Today, the most stupid to do it’s make differences about the skin color… Yellow, black, white, brown… come in people, we have the same things in our interior…

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