from the mind of a child…

As I drove the Potato home from daycare today, he told me that they started learning a new letter this week–the letter “I.” He showed me the paper that they practiced their Is on, and the picture of someone ironing that he had colored. And then he said, “the down low I looks like it’s singing.”

I’m not really sure how he came up with the ‘down-low’ I for what you or I might call the lower-case I. But I had a brief moment of imagining the down-low I’s secret life.

The Brokeback Mountain of the vowels. You know that I, he’s married to the L, but he’s secretly running around behind her back with the U. I wish that I would just grow up and tell his mother that he’s gay.

That kid cracks me up, even when he doesn’t mean to.


April 17, 2007. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. Jay replied:

    I think kids are obligated to come up with cutesy stuff like that just to make all the gross or frustrating marts worthwhile.

  2. Jennifer (ponderosa) replied:

    THAT is fascinating! I *love* the pre-reading stage.

    The down-low i!

  3. Procrastamom replied:

    The down-low-I secretly wishes he had more appendages like his hero, the uppercase “E”.

  4. Woman with Kids replied:

    That’s hysterical. The down-low on I? He’s always wanted to lose that stupid dot over his head… I mean, come on, he’s all grown up now.

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