who’da thunk it?

So I got the “Thinking Blogger” nod again, this time from Jessica at Daughter of Opinion. It made me feel terrible, because I’ve not been reading Jess’s blog as much as I once did, since my bloglines feed doesn’t seem to work, but she was one of my first blog-friends in this crazy old blog-o-sphere. Plus, she can make ya’ think like nobody’s business.

I did this meme last month, but I’m pleased to be able to do it again. Here are my five Thinking Bloggers for April–pass it on, kids!

I have to say, I didn’t set out to collect a bunch of posts about the Virginia Tech shootings. I also didn’t blog about it, because I felt like there was so much interesting stuff already being said about it. I’m glad to do this sort-of mash-up, because I still haven’t really processed how I feel about the thing myself–saddened for the families of the victims, obviously, and tired of the crazy right-wingers who want every professor to start packing. At times like these, it’s good to have other bloggers to make you think.


April 19, 2007. memes. 5 comments.