do we have to call them ‘freedom drains’ now…

or is that whole hating-the-French thing too 2003?

I meant to write about this last week, though I was kind of afraid of jinxing myself. But I feel the need to update you all on the success of last year’s basement-refinishing project. Plus, there are all those people whose basement-related search hits land them here.

Today’s? ‘basement in Texas’ Uh, I’m pretty sure that all of those words appear somewhere on my blog. Not sure it’s in the same post, though.

Anyway, despite the monsoon-like rain that we received last week, our basement held, and stayed totally dry. At least one of our neighbors had her entire basement flood. So if you’re thinking about installing French drains, I’d have to say, go for it. Our sump pumps ran day and night, but there was nary a leak.


May 2, 2007. random other things.


  1. elise replied:

    Wow, such dryness, the Potato and now the basement!

  2. chichimama replied:

    I love our French drain. Our basement also stayed nice and dry. Our back yard, however, not so much…do you suppose there are outdoor French drains???

  3. Suzanne replied:

    Yep, the French drain is pretty amazing — we haven’t had any water in our basement since ours was installed. Sometimes I wonder if the pump will break someday because it runs so frequently, but I guess that’s nothing I can control and should stop worrying about!

  4. CamiKaos replied:

    hooray for dryness. The time our basement flooded a few years ago I almost lost my mind!

  5. Jay replied:

    Well that’s good news, isn’t it?
    When I was little we would routinely lose a bunch of our crap to flooding. The insurance man would come and I would tearfully tell him which dollies had drowned tragically.

  6. shestartedit replied:

    We’ve been in Basement-Flooding hell before. I think I’m suffering from PTSD from the last time.

    Glad you found a solution that worked!

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