Smartypants, Pete in School


If your kids don’t yet have this book by Maura Kalmans, you really should think about getting it for them. The tale of Pennywise and her dog, Pete, it’s good for a preschooler or younger elementary student. I think it would be especially good around the back-to-school time of year, though it seems to work in our house any time.

Pennywise and her brother, Mookie, have a dog named Pete, who comes to school one day and eats the encyclopedia, which makes him the smartest pet around. It’s really a story designed to calm the fears of a nervous student.

The Bee was reading it to me tonight, and finding it fairly hilarious. She’s pretty susceptible to academic competition, so I like that she’s interested in a book that takes some light jabs at the school environment. Probably my favorite line is this:

School. You never know when you will be stupid in front of the whole class (and someone will whisper, “what an idiot”).

The descriptions (and accompanying pictures) of the teachers are also very funny. My personal favorite is the English teacher, Dividar Divecky, who loves Gertrude Stein and the thesaurus. Plus, there’s a pop quiz at the end–who doesn’t love a pop quiz?

Check it out–the landisclan gives it eight thumbs up.


May 18, 2007. books for kids. 1 comment.