if you can’t stand the sight of blood, don’t read this post

Well, that little meme interlude was fun. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging…

We had a kind of bloody couple of days last weekend. The Potato, in his ongoing efforts to prove that we’re neglectful parents who don’t keep a close enough eye on him, went into his sister’s room, borrowed her scissors, and cut a chunk out of his finger. And the Bee had another of her gushing, midnight nosebleeds.

I’m not sure that there is anything that is more frightening than waking up to the sight of your child standing next to your bed, covered in blood. Gets the heart rate up, I’ll tell ya. The Bee has always had nosebleeds at night, but it seems lately they are bloodier than ever. Honestly, I went into the bathroom after a recent one, and it looked like a murder had been committed in there.

Usually, we have her put vaseline in her nose at night, during the winter months when the heat is on and it’s really dry. I’m surprised that she’s been having them this spring, because she’s much less susceptible when the humidity is higher. My web-searches on “kid nosebleed” seem to be revealing that it’s unlikely these are a symptom of a more serious problem, so I’m not feeling real worry about it. But the amount of blood that one nosebleed can produce is startling, to say the least.


May 22, 2007. family life.


  1. Carrie replied:

    I can imagine the heart attack you must have when you see your kid standing over you covered in blood. Yikes! And poor Potato! I hope he is healing up well.

  2. Ginger replied:

    Oh yes, we’ve been there for years. My husband is very queasy at the site of blood. A lot of times my daughter wakes up in the morning covered in it (dried) having slept through the nose bleed. Other adults seem to panic around it (like when the daycare called all excited) but I’ve gotten used to it. Now, at least she pretty much handles them herself. A couple of years ago she had a nosebleed at my Mama’s funeral and I jerked her up and ran to the bathroom. I scaired everyone worrying, but I was just concerned about that fancy dress she had on. But yeah I’ve seen the bathroom scene, too.

  3. thordora replied:

    That’s definitely worse than puke…

  4. Leggy replied:

    Poor kids. Does the Bee have seasonal allergies, because that can mess with the lining in the nose and make it more sensitive.

  5. Andy replied:

    Wow, I can imagine how scary that would be. We’ve only had one really blood incident so far thank goodness.

  6. Chichmama replied:

    Ulgh. We have bypassed the nosebleed thing so far, and am very grateful for that…

  7. Library Lady replied:

    SC went through that a few years ago. She hasn’t had one in some time, cross my fingers, but JR managed a beauty not long ago–though I’m hoping that was just a one time thing, and so far so good!

    There’s a material called Mdoc– that is sold impregnated into a little pad you put in your nose. The pad expands and the mdoc stops the bleeding. They work in a minute or two–fabulous when dealing with an upset child. You can see stuff on them at http://www.seal-on.com/default.aspx
    Check around–they claim to have them at Rite Aid, but I haven’t seen them there. CVS also used to carry them, but no longer does. But there’s an on-line school nurse supply place that carries them– http://www.macgill.com/productSubcategory.aspx?catid=12&subcatId=146 and I stocked up. They’re pricey but worth it–we never travel without them!

  8. Library Lady replied:

    Oh, and lord, nosebleeds are bad enough. But dealing with your daughter’s menstrual blood (and mine has HEAVY periods) is even more unnerving!

  9. landismom replied:

    LL, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have to check that out. And as for menstrual blood, OMG! I’m not ready.

  10. Liz replied:

    It seems that my children went through a period of nose bleeds when they were younger. Not sure why. Then all of a sudden, they went away and haven’t had any since. Hopefully Potato’s finger is ok.

    Speaking of periods… my daughter was so happy when she got hers, it was funny. She wanted a party. Ugh. Now that she has grown up a bit and they have gotten worse (like mine were), she wants that new FDA Approved “No Period Pill”. To me, that just couldn’t be good for your body. *shrugs*

  11. Comfort Addict replied:

    This reminds me of an incident from my childhood. My friend from across the street had just gotten a golf putter. I stood behind him in his backyard as he took practice putts. Suddenly, he decided to take a full backswing (which is not what a putter is for) and hit me just above the eye. Blood began to run steadily from the spot.

    I walked back to my house and went into the living room, where my mom was on the phone, facing away from me, in the middle of a rollicking conversation. I tried to get her attention but she shushed me. I kept tugging at her. Finally, she turned around, gasped, hung up the phone and took me to the doctor.

    In the end, my friend had luckily missed my eye. I got some stitches to close the wound. However, I can only imagine the horror my mother must have felt.

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