maybe I’m not such a bad mother after all…


If it’s the last Saturday in May, it must be time for our street festival! The Bee and the Potato started the day with some cider donuts. After that, we moved on to the rides and various bouncy things. The Potato kept up with his sister almost all morning–they had a blast, getting their faces painted, riding the mini-ferris wheel, jumping, bouncing and giggling maniacally.

In the afternoon, I volunteered for the PTA hair painting booth for an hour, and the Bee came along for the ride. She desperately wanted to paint some hair, but I didn’t think it was going to go over so well with the other parents. So at the end of the day, I let her paint mine. Sigh…and then walked through the whole town with my hair looking like this.

 img_1312.jpg  img_1313.jpg

It is glittery, that’s for sure.


May 26, 2007. family life, the cutest kids ever!. 9 comments.