Honey, don’t read this one.

I’m searching for some good Father’s Day suggestions this year. Landisdad is such a wonderful dad to our kids, and I want to make sure he has a great day. So I’m seeking the wisdom of the internets.

If you’re a dad, what’s your ideal Father’s Day gift? What kind of activity do you want to do (or not do) on Father’s Day? What’s the best thing your partner or kids have ever done for you to show their love and appreciation?

If you’re not a dad, what are you planning for Father’s Day for this year, either for your own dad or the father of your kids?


June 4, 2007. family life.


  1. CamiKaos replied:

    my honey would most like a sunny day, walking around the neighborhood, a clean house and someting I grilled. We try to stay out of the whole big mothers day/ fathers day consumer cycle but still celebrate the importance.

    For him it will be a quiet day (he’ll get to sleep in) some cards (hopefully homemade) and a special book about the importance of Dads that K picked out for him.

  2. thordora replied:

    I already got my baby a few tshirts i found of comic geek stuff which he actually liked. I’m still in shock.

    I’m buying him a hard drive, will likely make breakfast for him, but I do that on our joint day off usually anyway. He doesn’t dig the sentimental stuff, and since I wrote a huge sappy love letter for our anniversary, I’m done with sap for the year. 🙂

  3. Jennifer replied:

    All those things sound good, but I think my husband would prefer sex. Ha!

    Actually, that’s an idea. I think I’ll book us into a hotel.

  4. elise replied:

    One time I took a plain T-shirt and put the kids two handprints on the front with their names underneath and their two footprints on back with their names underneath (each kid a different color). I used fabric paints for the prints and permanent markers for THEM to write their names. I think he really liked that because he wears it a lot but only when he won’t get it really dirty and wreck it. I think he likes things homemade.

  5. Jackie replied:

    We’re having dinner at my Mother-in-law’s house, and I will make him a special breakfast to eat while he watches the Sunday morning political shows :). No real presents this year, because he bought a workout machine with his last paycheck from his old job.

    Plus, I’m sure, some of what Jennifer suggests ;).

  6. MetroDad replied:

    Ideal present? A nice card and anything made by my daughter’s own hands. A perfect day? Lazy summer barebecue with the family where I didn’t have to lift a finger (and with a good nap thrown in there somewhere.)

  7. Jeff replied:

    We try to stay away from the insanity of these kind of calendar “holidays”. That being said, as a Dad I would like nothing more than a simple, happy time together as a family…in Paris. But, since that won’t happen again for awhile, just a quiet day with two gleefully happy children running about the house would be lovely. A 3 inch thick filet mignon, grilled to a fine pink/medium, with sauce bernaise would be cool too. haha.

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