weekend of memes–part 3

For the final in our meme series, I’ve been tagged by Kimberly from solomom. I’m taking some liberties with this one, since I’m feeling like I’ve maxed out on self-love in these last couple of posts. So without further ado:

7 Things I Love About My House:

  1. In 1992, the guy I was dating built me a really cool bookcase that was both ginormous and folded. One side is about three feet wide, and the other is close to four (he really knew the way to my heart!). Needless to say, I’ve moved around a fair amount since 1992, and there’ve been some real difficulties fitting it into various apartments. The day we moved into our house, I realized that it actually fit perfectly in one corner of the family room, between two windows. It was at that moment that I knew we had the right place.
  2. We have a Cape Cod that looks tiny from the street, but it goes back forever. It might be the longest house on our block–it’s certainly longer than both of our adjoining neighbors.  Now that the basement is finished, we almost have more livable space than we know what to do with. Space is good–not just for all of my crap, but for the kids, too.
  3. The man who built our house was a local contractor who lived here with his family. There are all kinds of cool built-in bookcases, and little nook-like closets. In addition, the people who lived here before us refinished several of the closets with cedar–our linen smells great.
  4. Hardwood floors everywhere.
  5. We have a tiny driveway which is shared with our next door neighbor. It will prevent us from ever getting an SUV.
  6. There are two full bathrooms. Almost every other house we considered buying had only one. Having two was a big selling point. Of course, sometimes on cleaning day, I regret it.
  7. We have the biggest fireplace I’ve ever seen in a house that wasn’t a mansion. We don’t have a ton of fires, but when we do, it can really heat the whole house. The chimney is exposed in the middle of our stairs and second floor and it throws off the heat when the fire is going.

And for the tagged on this one…anyone who wants to do it.

Okay kids, that’s it for my meme-fest. Tune in tomorrow for new (but not necessarily more interesting) content.


June 10, 2007. memes.


  1. CamiKaos replied:

    you’ve had the heck memed out of you!!!

  2. Jackie replied:

    We have two bathrooms now too, for the first time. The second is in the basement, and looks it, so we really just run in and out of it for the toilet, but it’s so wonderful to have!

  3. Anjali replied:

    We live in a 2-bedroom Cape, too. (Well, at least for one more night, anyway.) Capes really are so much bigger than they look from the outside. We don’t have a fireplace, though. But we will in our next house!

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