tired of events

Since the last week of April, I’ve been involved in the organizing of about 9 events, which is about an event a week. It hasn’t actually been an event a week–one week featured three (ugh!), but it’s felt long and draining, nonetheless.

I’m a little tired of sitting through meetings. Don’t get me wrong, my usual job involves lots of meetings, but the meetings that involve event planning are harder. They’re more likely to involve people from other organizations, for one, which means that you have to get through a bunch of organizational culture issues. Tiresome.

I  thought I was nearing the end of the line–the last of my planned events was scheduled for next week–but my boss just put me in the planning loop for another one, that happens the last week of June.

And of course, it’s the end of the school year, with all its attendant hoopla.

I can’t wait for July to start. I’m hoping no one’s going to schedule something around July Fourth.


June 11, 2007. work.

One Comment

  1. Ashley replied:

    Here’s hoping for your sake that you get a break!

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